Goods and Services


The ebb and flow of small retail and service business is always at the mercy of external forces. In 2015 when these photographs were made the economic and social environment in Australia was fairly stable. (Unlike the Prime Ministerial)


However, like the political, there were signs suggesting that change was about to gather momentum.


Motivated by a sense of this, I allocated most of 2015 to photographing the facades of goods and service providers in regional Victoria.


Online shopping was only just becoming a thing, but there was already talk about Amazon becoming a local player. Locally white goods and electronics repair shops were starting to close. And the intergenerational family owned stores were being pushed out by the mega store model.


It was around this time that Global Motoring industry companies announced they would be winding down Australian manufacturing. The impact of which could be witnessed almost overnight as retail spaces in the regional city of Geelong emptied.


The Goods and Services series is my observational survey from this transitional moment in time.


Scott Fredericks

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