Maestro of Sausage


When I was photographing for the Goods and Services series I made a photograph of my local butcher shop. What stood out about this photo was how the camera rendered the colour. Initially I didn’t like it. The hue shift caused by the shops lighting was extreme and everything had been recorded deep green. Not at all how my eye saw this scene, it looked wrong and I discarded this photo.


Some months later I took a similar photo of the same scene; this time with a flash using a manual camera white balance setting. The flash misfired resulting in a photo that exposed the potential I had previously overlooked. Now I had an image that was all reds and browns!


So now, when I stand outside Mr Harbour’s shop with my camera, late night and early mornings (Trying my best to not look like some sort of weirdo meat fetish creep) I  wait for the light cast by passing cars and embrace that green light in my photos.



Scott Fredericks

Copyright 2021