RAT Gallery presents…

Mixed Blessings – The Great Art Scare exhibition


Mercure Hotel & Convention Centre, 613 Main Road, Ballarat


Thursday, 7 June to Sunday, 8 July 2018























Scott Fredericks

Portrait of a Boy, 2018

Photographic print on cardboard

220 cm x 135 cm


The cardboard box might just be the most democratic resource for childhood creativity. When given access to material, space and time, every child has the imaginative capacity to create.

What is made may take hours and only last a day or week. But what’s learnt is intrinsically human and should last generations.


On the lounge room floor kneels a ten year old boy.  The debris and resource overflow from his materials collection, radiating out in front of him.  There is paper and cardboard, rolls of masking tape and the components of disassembled electronics and consumer products.  He constructs with determination and clear focus, with purpose and confidence, knowing the outcome will shape by his imagination.


Soon he will be initiated into the digital world. When this day comes I hope he will still have access to a mind that is free to rest, explore and make without inhibition.

Scott Fredericks

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