Designing Raincoats for Anxious Goldfish


Robert Archie Lynn


8 Oct. to Nov. 2 2018

Ballarista Espresso Bar

2a Lydiard St.South Ballarat.


This work came about after deciding it would be fun to create a literal interpretation of an adage “Designing raincoats for anxious goldfish” which is an image that I use to suppress my frustration with the all too common issue of adopting a life cycle of problems in an attempt to fix something that isn’t broken.....or at least something that wasn’t.


Creating a perceived problem in order to market a solution is common practice. In our “Brave New” digital world the agendas of a few seem to be able to infiltrate the everyday with astonishing ease, creating a react before processing and post prior to contemplation culture.


We all want to swim in the ocean, but now we expect to not get wet.

Scott Fredericks

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