The Last Day

March 2020


As the last exhibition was being bumped out Steve and I stood chatting in the doorway.


I knew that the question he asked me was rhetorical. But the silence that followed broke as I offered my muddled advice anyway.


His situation left me feeling numb. And as you do when you can’t find the words to say what you need to say, we both agreed, “Oh well catch you later”.


As I left to go home the uneasy feeling I had compounded, as I looked back over the road, getting into my car, I realised that the notice on the front of his shop now read “Stay home, Stay Safe, see you on the other side”. I realised that this message now had a different meaning.


I drove around for a while, unable to go home and took some pictures that seemed to sum up the empty feeling inside me. The streets were empty now anyway.


Scott Fredericks

Copyright 2021